our story

Anzor and Danilo met in 2015 during their masters studies at Warwick Business School. They both lived in Leamington Spa and so everyday they would get the bus to the University campus and became great friends. Anzor would often tell Danilo all about Georgian wine and the tradition of the Tamada. a few weeks into the course, Danilo got to try Georgian wine for the first time. That first sip is something that he will never forget, it blew him in to the middle of next week.

"...wow; it was just so smooth and full of flavour... like nothing else I've ever had before..." Danilo

At the end of the first term, the class had a christmas party and naturally anzor brought some of his now famous georgian wine along. it was during this party that anzor introduced the class to the wonderful world of toasting. anzor assumed the position of tamada (chief toaster) and toasted to world peace, sweet memories, and new friendships, AMONGST a plethora of other toasts! a fantastic and joyful christmas party was had by all!

after christmas, danilo tried to find the same TRADITIONAL qvevri wine that he had drunk with anzor, without much luck. subsequently, the two pals discussed the POSSIBILITY of importing traditional qvevri wine into the uk. danilo wrote out a business plan for his assessment in an upcoming ENTREPRENEURSHIP module. the essays were, of course, marked ANONYMOUSLY, although the professor thought that Anzor was clearly the author and wrote:

"...an excellent idea for a business, you are very proud of your country..." Professor of Entrepreneurship, Warwick Business School

it was at this point that anzor knew for sure that danilo was the right person with whom to start up the business. after graduation, danilo flew out to TBILISI to stay with anzor and his family. anzor showed danilo the HIGHLIGHTS of georgian culture; ancient CHURCHES and history. they ate delicious food, and of course drank OUTSTANDING traditional wine. the two friends travelled around the most famous wine regions in georgia and chose the finest artisan georgian wine for you.

The two founders posing for a photograph in a vineyard in Racha Georgia, where Royal Khvanchkara wine is made

What we believe

we think that through understanding different cultures from around the globe, we can make the world a better and more peaceful place