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gvino UK is a specialist importer of Georgian wine to the UK. We are proud to import exclusively selected and award-winning wine from famous vineyards across Georgia. Georgian culture and wine is currently going through a renaissance as Europe discovers more about this beautiful and historic region. Over the past couple of decades, the reputation of Georgian wine has been growing around the world. There are over 500 native grape varieties, making wine a vital element of Georgian culture; indeed, Georgia’s passionate winemakers go to great lengths to ensure that each and every bottle of wine is flawless.

Qvevri Wine

Traditional Georgian wine is fermented in large subterranean terracotta jars, named qvevri. This distinctive and unique process is over 8000 years old, and is recognised by UNESCO. The qvevri control the fermentation temperature, which provides the wine with both a unique tannic flavour as well as a complex aroma. At gvino UK, we offer a wide variety of exquisite and rare wines from all across Georgia. Our wines are carefully selected and all our vineyards have been personally inspected to ensure not only the highest quality process, but also to support the development of the vineyards and the local economy.

WHo we are

gvino UK was co-founded in 2017 by Anzor the Georgian, and Danilo the British-Italian, who became friends while studying at Warwick Business School.

The two owners in a vineyard in the mountains of Racha where Royal Khvanchara semi sweet and dry wine is made

What we believe

We think that through understanding different cultures from around the globe, we can make the world a better and more peaceful place

Company Details

Gvino Limited

Company Number: 10487800

20 Market Hill, Southam, Warwickshire, United Kingdom, CV47 0HF


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